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24-Hour Emergency Response
24-hour emergency response services

24-Hour Emergency Response Services

DBES is the best trained, best equipped and most experienced Hazardous Materials Emergency Response Team in Southern and Central California!

Hazardous Materials Emergency Response is Our Core Competency

Hazardous Materials Emergency Response Services is our core competency and accounts for almost 75% of our business. We have the best trained and experienced responders in the industry. Couple this with our inventory of modern, maintained and practical response equipment and you can be assured that a timely and safe response will result. Nobody wants to have a hazardous materials spill at their facility, but knowing that Double Barrel Environmental Services Inc. is ready when you need us is comforting peace of mind.

Our Hazardous Materials Response Specialists receive the best training possible thru the California State Fire Marshall/California State Training Institute or the Transportation Training Center. This superior level of training is the same training that municipal and Federal hazardous materials response personnel receive.


24-hour emergency response services

During a Hazardous Materials Emergency–Experience Counts!

DBES personnel have responded to thousands of incidents throughout the western United States. We are experienced with Level A-D response scenarios including tanker rollover, marine, intermodal, ammonia, mercury, clandestine drug lab, biological/nerve, cryogenic and PCB responses.

We have worked closely with agencies including the EPA, US Coast Guard, California Department of Fish and Game, Office of Spill Prevention and Response, the Department of Toxic Substance Control, Riverside Department of Environmental Health, and San Bernardino County fire-Hazardous Materials Division.

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