Remediation Services
remediation services

Remediation Services

If you are looking for professional, competent and reliable remediation services, then Double Barrel Environmental Solutions, LLC is your obvious choice. DBES is experienced in all types of remediation services including:
  • Large Scale Soil Remediation
  • Bioremediation
  • Mercury Contamination
  • Crime-scene
  • Clandestine Drug Lab Remediation Services
Through our trusted affiliates, we can also provide mold, lead based paint and asbestos remediation services.

Clandestine Drug Lab Remediation
& Assessment is Our Specialty

We can provide pre-site visits and consultation, Preliminary Site Assessment Work Plans, Preliminary Site Assessments and Closure Reports in-house.

Our remediation specialists are trained in the latest techniques in on-site treatment, encapsulation and removal. DBES is recognized and acknowledged by the County of Riverside Department of Environmental Health and The County of San Bernardino Fire Department, Office of the Fire Marshal, Hazardous Materials Division as technically and operationally competent in Clandestine Drug Lab Assessment and Remediation.

remediation services

We have Responded to More Mercury Releases
than Any Other Contractor in Southern California

We have the monitoring equipment, tools and expertise to recover and decontaminate your home or facility quickly. The fact that we have the necessary equipment and monitoring capability means a faster and less expensive response.

DBES is recognized by the EPA and various local Certified Unified Program Administrators, (CUPA's) as being proficient and competent at Mercury spill response.

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