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Waste Management Services
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Waste Management Services

Double Barrel Environmental Solutions, LLC provides custom-tailored, compliant and thorough waste management services to our customers. At DBES, when you call for a pickup, you are assured that your waste management services will be provided safely, efficiently and as scheduled.

Our Technicians are Experts in Categorization & Classification

Our Waste Management Technicians are experts in hazardous waste categorization and classification. You will not find DBES leaving wastes for the "next pickup" or taking time consuming inventories only to tell you that the waste will be picked up next week.

DBES has the knowledge, analytical capability and experience to package, manifest, label and transport your hazardous wastes on the same day!

We Offer the Following
Waste Management Services:

  • RCRA & Non RCRA Hazardous Wastes
  • Bulk Liquid & Bulk Solid Wastes
  • Dewatering & Filter Press Technologies
  • Waste Minimization & Consolidation
  • Universal & Electronic Wastes
  • Medical & Infectious Wastes
  • Waste Manifesting & Profiling
  • DOT Performance Packaging & Containers

Select from Our Comprehensive List of Service Options

We take pride in offering our customers comprehensive waste management options based on recyclability, RCRA liability exposure thresholds and price. We work with all of our customers to help them develop methods to reduce wastes and look for recycling options whenever applicable.

waste management We have the capability to manage all types of wastes including bulked and drummed, liquid and solids, universal and CRT's, tires, and medical and infectious wastes.

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Contact us for a hazardous waste compliance analysis, a disposal quote or more information about our waste management services.

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